what is love god


A Singer said to his father, Dad, I have something to talk to you about. I don’t like engineering anymore. My engineering will not be by me. I want to read about Singing.I was admitted to engineering right about you, but I never liked it.

I used to have moments of exhaustion at the bottom of every class, and on the other hand, I knew I had a lot of fun with my singles.

So I decided to drop out of college.

what is love god

Hearing his words, his father asked what I did to spend so much money in vain and how we would show our face in society

If there is no future in complying with those songs, do not complete the engineering or leave the house

Again a boyfriend told his girlfriend

I didn’t say that these things were going to fall off or that you would fall again

Then the girl said what happened after all. Anu girls later said everyone should read you so you don’t have to be in a relationship with me

what is love?

Then tell the girl why you are doing this, then the boy will say then because I love you so this is really what we love, do we call it love or anything else. If you look a little deeper then you will see that they are nothing more Personal demands that we have swallowed with love.The number one demand in a person’s life is physical number one is emotional number two.


By trying to build relationships, people try to meet these two types of needs that we now call love.With a small example, let me explain to you that I have a particular need associated with this whole world, so every moment we are connected to this mobile, what can we do to make it a love?

Then we told this device we love this mobile I have a quote that tells the words of my mind, so when we tell a woman or a best friend my words, we give our name I love her or we love her.

On the other hand, he has also built up a relationship with me to talk

about his personal things and as long as the demands or personalities are mixed together,it is okay whenever his needs are falling apart.

This time the trouble starts between them and where love goes
That’s what love is? Well if this is not love then what is real love?
Well, should his father tell his son that you have taken a good decision what you think you should do? And on that side his boyfriend should tell his girlfriend that yes you like it so why do you read hot sometimes.

So that’s what love is

Love neither of these two

Love is such a thing That 99 percent of our people do not have the capacity to give..The reason is when we give something to someone when we already have something.
What I do not own, how will I do it to anyone else?
We all have a desire that people That is to relieve all sorts of laughter and pain..Absolutely Freedom and Infinite Being..

What do you think all these nonsense people will be infinite again.I know this is coming to people’s minds, yes people cannot be infinite.Dependent on an internal thing for its existence.For example, I want to be with these people who want money for their own happiness.

If this is the case, there is no way to be infinite any day because we have no control over these things.If its cause is resource internal.That is, he is not dependent on anything outside for his pleasure And the jet came in. He didn’t have any effect on his body or his mind on anything outside Then the man has the opportunity to be infiltrated, then the man is not dependent on anyone.

As long as there is this thing, then there will be one demand after another.

Now come back to the story of the father and son that told the story
What would a father say to his son if he really loved his father and son?

First of all, his father never answered in anger that his son was in vain

Because his father is already full, his father has nothing to do with his son He was then cold-headed to explain to his son why he was taking this decision Then if his son didn’t understand,

his father would never force him to do whatever I wanted.
This time, many can say that his father will have little need for his son.

There is nothing to blame.What I am actually calling love is not love, it is actually demand
I am not judging guilt for wanting to explain what true love is When we are once in a selfless way When I do something for someone, that is true love.