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How to “motivation keys and how to get self-motivation” to get inspiration In this blog we have been shown that you must read this block.


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Two facts are true:(1) Most people can wear well, they can do better

(2) Most people know what to do, but they do not. The thing that is absent among the staff is a sparkle inspiration.

What is required to do in some self-education books is to give importance to this issue. We want to take a different approach. This is the question first, Why do not you do the job?

The road travel can also give a fair answer to what people are asking for what they need to do in the work. But if they can be asked what they are working on that? Then the answer will not be. The absence of the will to work in the absence of the missing thing. The source of hypocrisy is among the people’s beliefs. This means that he will have full faith in the methods and results of the work that will work and the full responsibility of the work.

Will do In this case, the work becomes important. When people take responsibility for their actions and uses, their attitude towards life is positive. Only then were they actively active in personal life and in career. Improve relationships with family members and colleagues at the workplace. Life becomes meaningful and gives full taste to life. If the physical needs of human beings are fulfilled then the desire for thinking is the greater motive force of the human being. The loss or gain of human activity is determined by these two purposes.

If the receipt is higher than the loss, then that is the motivation. And if the loss is greater than receipt, then it will tarnish the activity. Receiving can be worldly and practical such as financial awards, holiday gifts etc. Reciprocity can also be unthinkable, such as appreciation and recognition of work, joy of promotion, profit, overall improvement, responsiveness, charity, self-power, skill acquisition and trust.


Self-Motivation. What is the difference between inspiration and motivation?

I organize several international seminars; Many often ask whether I can inspire others. My answer is No I can not. People themselves inspire themselves. I can do whatever I can, motivate them to be inspired. We can create an environment for inspiration. To inspire people to be motivated to work, they need to properly understand their past and present needs.Inspiration and productivity. There is a direct. Those who only do the things that are necessary for protecting the job, they will never be considered as essential for the organization.Self-Motivation. What is the difference between inspiration and motivation?

Self motivation

The motivation is the change in thoughts and attitudes, and the motivation is the change in the pace and method of the work. Inspiration is a bit of a fire – if you do not get fuel, then you will quit. Food and exercise nutrition does not last forever. Likewise, action is not permanent. If the deeper faith of the value is the source of action, then the activity is lasting.  What are the most things you can do? Meaning? Recognition? Manifestation of living? More people to whom they like to take more?

All of them can be a source of action. Experience shows that people can do a lot for money, they can do more for a good leader, and can do much more in the inspiration of their beliefs. There are many things happening in the world every day. Until people die for faith. The purpose of this is to say that when. We believe that when we are responsible for our living and use, our attitude towards our lives will be improved.