Samsung galaxy note 10

Hello friends today I will discuss about Samsung Galaxy Note 10 with full details on how this feature is and whether it has storage or facilities, how many cameras there are, full details in this article.

First of all, it’s nice to see that the good looking.

Nice is very nice

and it’s a nice fill that holds this mobile.

It has 256 GB storage in 8 GB RAM

In the case of the camera, the father of the left is not so much camera so fly Assam Assam

very beautiful camera 16 MP  megapixel camera   12 MP MP+12 MP

The front camera is a 10 MP megapixel camera

6.3 Inch Display Dual SIM This GB RAM 256 GB Internal Storage.Speaking of batteries,

the battery is giving very little 3500 mAh battery

If you can tell about the total on the phone, it does very well, the phone is very nice to look at, but the battery is a little low.

So good features and such a nice phone gives the battery a little less 3500 mAh battery but in the rest of the case dual SIM is very good, very good camera is very nice.What about its features if its features are display fingerprint face lock.

The processor on this mobile will not be a problem playing very good games. Hopefully this mobile will not hang.

The display on the mobile is so beautiful that it will be very convenient to watch the video and movie.

The camera is mounted in a very small way so that no one will have any problem.In my opinion, if this phone is bought, it will be very good. Depending on the use of the mobile, and if the user thinks after using it, of course if I feel very good, I think the phone will be very good, but this time after using the mobile.