PagalpantiĀ  22 November 2019

Today, this movie has been released. Many of the fans have liked and many did not know today.Director and Artist All Production Houses were in a little tension. Many liked about the movie release.Some people complain about this movie, many others do not like the character and various things about the movie.Again, many of the viewers liked this song very much

But in the meantime, some funny scenes and some broken scenes in the road have been shown and the audience has shown great emotions and the viewers will be very happy to see this movie.


The directors and producers all thought that the movie was a bit tense, but hopefully very well released this movie. Now let’s see how much money you can earn in India and abroad, but people say this movie is good. Speaking is not so good.This movie has been promoted and marketed very well. Various events have been attended. The movie has been released very well.

The film is presented in many types of characters. Even after watching this you will forget how many characters have been entertained here in China but in some places there is no entertainment again.

Some of the dialogue in the film has been used to make people laugh but again these dialogues are some of the same dialogs that we have heard before but have been played here in a very funny way.If you have watched the film and how your review is done, please comment below. We will definitely see this comment about the movie and understand how your review will look in the film.

Not everyone likes movies at all, but this is an interesting movie if you have the time and of course you can watch this movie.